What is the Pink Luminous Breast?

The Pink Luminous Breast is a safe and easy to use device that helps women and men of every age gain a deeper understanding of their breast health.

Using breakthrough RED LIGHT technology, that illuminates the tissue in the breast, you will have a never before look inside of your breast from the comfort of your own home.

The Pink Luminous Breast is FDA approved and cleared for safety.

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The Pink Luminous Breast Device

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What is the Pink Luminous Breast?
Pink Luminous Breast is about AWARENESS, a one of a kind device that will give you a never before look inside your breasts.

What does it do?
Pink Luminous Breast can be a powerful tool in detecting potentially harmful tissue and masses inside your breasts. Don’t you want to know what is inside? We do.

How it works?
Using RED LED light technology, Pink Luminous Breast will illuminate the tissue inside your breasts, giving you an understanding of what is happening on the inside. It’s safe easy and should be part of everybody’s wellness routine.

What People Are Saying

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Moises Irizarry - MD

The first time I saw the Pink Luminous, I knew it was a game-changer for early detection. I've seen first hand the results when I visited a rural clinic in Haiti, where they had successfully detected anomalous masses and tumors in nine women using the Pink Luminous.

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Giselle Ghurani - MD

I have been treating gynecologic cancers for almost 20 years now. My grandmother actually suffered from breast cancer and Hodgkin's lymphoma at the same time. What I would like to tell women is that the most important thing is prevention.The Pink Luminous Breast is an excellent tool. It is an adjunct for women to 1) help create awareness of their breasts and 2) to identify any abnormalities.

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Eva Ritvo - MD

Cancer is something that touches all of us. Any advancement in this field is something that is so significant to all of us and Pink Luminous Breast is a tremendous advancement because it gives us that peace of mind and security that you're are doing everything you can to prevent cancer in yourself and your...

Available in select CVS stores and SharperImage.com

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