About Us



At the tender age of 17, my life changed. This day was different, as I felt a large lump on my breast. I was scared. At the time, the protocol was to remove the mass and send it to be biopsied. I underwent surgery, and thankfully the mass was benign, this was one of the reasons why Pink Luminous Breast is a personal project for me.

Fast forward 30 years. Today I cherish two major roles in my life:

  1.  I am a mother of two young boys, and I want to around for them for many years to come.
  2.  I want health and vitality for every woman and man.

Pink Luminous Breast is more than a device. It is a tool and a lifestyle. It is about AWARENESS. Will you join the movement? Check out the Pink Luminous Advocacy Project below.


Marilyn Dans