Why Pink

Our flagship product is an innovative, safe, and effective way for women to better understand their breast health in the comfort of their homes. It is a one-of- a kind device which helps increase awareness, as a preliminary screening tool to assist women in their in-home regular breast care routine. Your best protection is early detection. Our goal is to educate women across the country and abroad about being proactive with breast health familiarity.

Pink Luminous gives women a never-before-possible look at the inner workings of their breasts, illuminating blood tissue through RED LED-light technology. Amplified by angiogenesis in the production of tumors, tiny fractions of light pass through the breast to reveal potential problem areas, including dark clusters that may indicate potential abnormalities and lumps that increase blood supply to dense areas. When combined with regular visits to your doctor, Pink Luminous can be a powerful tool in giving you an early edge in detecting potentially harmful tissues and masses.

What is the Pink Luminous Breast?

Pink Luminous Breast is about AWARENESS, a one of a kind device that will give you a never before look inside your breasts.

What does it do?

Pink Luminous Breast can be a powerful tool in detecting potentially harmful tissue and masses inside your breasts. Don’t you want to know what is inside? We do.

How it works?

Using RED LED light technology, Pink Luminous Breast will illuminate the tissue inside your breasts, giving you an understanding of what is happening on the inside. It’s safe easy and should be part of everybody’s wellness routine.

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What Should You Look For?


Healthy Breast
Breast Abnormality