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Frequently Asked Questions

Should I continue to attend my routine
breast screenings if I use Pink??


Pink does not eliminate the need for mammograms or routine breast screenings you would typically have with your physician.

Pink should be used as part of your breast awareness routine at home and does not substitute a doctor’s opinion.

PINK works on absolutely everyone!

Men and woman
• Any race
• Any breast size
• Any prior surgeries including but not limited to breast
augmentation, breast reduction, or mastectomy

Pink Luminous Breast is an at-home device for women to become more familiar with the inside of their breasts. The device works by emitting a red LED light that is safely absorbed by red blood cells and reflects any potentially harmful blood filled or blood surrounded masses.

Yes, lighting can affect Luminous Breast by making it harder to view the breasts, thus the best way to use the device is in a dark setting as it helps visually.

If you find any irregularities in your breasts you should schedule an appointment with your physician immediately

Absolutely not. Pink is intended to be a tool to improve breast health awareness but does not in any way substitute mammograms or any other breast screening you should typically have with your doctor.

You can use Pink Luminous Breast whenever you like, as often as you’d like since it causes no side effects

Purchasing Pink Luminous Breast is easy! Just visit or call 866-770-8307.

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