Pink Luminous Breast Light

Works on absolutely everyone!
- Women as well as men
- Any race or skin tone
- Any breast size
- Any prior surgeries, including but not limited to breast augmentation, breast reduction, or mastectomy

Product Features

- 640-800 nanometer spectrum
- Red LED light
- Brightness that intensifies only upon skin contact
- Completely harmless with zero side effects and fibers

How it Works

The Future of Your Breast Health is in Your Hands.

Pink Luminous Breast is a breakthrough technology designed to give women a never-before-possible look at the inner workings of their breasts – illuminating tissue through RED LED-light technology. Amplified by hemoglobin in the bloodstream angiogenesis in the production of tumors, tiny fractions of light pass through the breast to reveal potential problem areas – including dark clusters that may indicate potential abnormalities and lumps that increase blood supply to dense areas. In addition to regular visits to your doctor, Pink Luminous Breast can be a powerful tool in giving you an early edge in detecting potentially harmful tissues and masses.

Seeing the light, a brief timeline

As early as 1929, an American Surgeon named Max Cutler demonstrated that breast tumors could be exposed by transmission of light through tissues and vein clusters. But that was just the beginning. Dr David J Watmough subsequently showed that optical images of cancer in the breast arose primarily as a result of a phenomenon called angiogenesis – that is, the formation of new blood cells spurred by the presence of cancer in the area. As a result, the mass of blood vessels surrounding the tumor are then used to provide a surplus of oxygen and nutrients to the nascent cancer, accelerating its growth. Recent advances in LED-technology have made it possible to harness that technology with Pink Luminous Breast, an affordable, ergonomically-designed revolution in at-home breast self-examinations.

Pink Luminous Breast is not a diagnostic device. It is not intended to substitute regular breast screening or visits with your physician. Pink Luminous Breast is intended to be a breast health familiarity assistance tool. Pink Luminous Breast is powered by a Lithium Ion Battery, the same battery found in all cellphones and many household appliances.

How It Works

Early Warning Signs of Breast Cancer