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Pink Luminous Breast Proudly introduces a LED device to promote the breast self-exploration and breast cáncer awareness.

Miami, FL  (Feb 6, 2017) One in 8 women will be diagnosed with breast cancer throughout their life and one of the main problems is that in most cases the disease is detected when it is already at an advanced stage.

Taking these statistics into account, doctors recommend that women self-explore their breasts once a month, in order to detect any changes in their anatomy in time. With this in mind, medical technology company Silk Pro USA has just launched the Pink Luminous Breast, a home-use kit that facilitates breast self-exploration using LED technology

The technology that every woman should have!

The device, created in Germany with the highest standards, allows women to observe the veins inside their breasts.

It is a completely safe and registered technology in the FDA to self-explore the breast and observe the blood vessels.

When the light wave emits Pink Luminous Breast touches a blood vessel in the mammary glands the red light will be absorbed by hemoglobin, which allows the veins in your breasts to appear as dark lines and you can clearly see the anatomy of your breasts.

Some malignant lumps have an increased supply of blood to feed them, so Pink Luminous Breast allows you to observe any dense areas that may indicate an abnormality.

Brighten your breasts today!

Pink Luminous Breast technology is not intended to replace the need for a mammogram, but to help women explore their breasts and know their anatomy in the comfort of their home.

Although a change in the mammary glands is not necessarily a symptom of breast cancer, Silk Pro USA recommends that you should go to the doctor without delay to assess the need for studies that rule the disease.

Similar technologies are used in hospitals and dental offices to detect oral cancer safely and now every woman can have it at home and stay alert to any changes in their health.

For more information about Pink Luminous Breast, contact WOW Factor at

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