Pink Luminous Breast – A Breast Self-Exam Device

$199.00 $189.00


The Pink Luminous Breast device is a safe, easy, and effective breast self-examination device to help women and men of every age to gain a deeper understanding and AWARENESS of their breast health.

Using breakthrough RED LED Light technology, which illuminates tissue in the breast, you will have a never-before look inside of your breast from the comfort of your own home.

Pink Luminous Breast can be a powerful tool in giving you an early edge in detecting potentially harmful tissues and masses. This should be a part of every women’s wellness routine along with at-home exams and yearly mammograms.

Get familiar with your body!

Who can use Pink Luminous Breast Self-Examination Device

  • Women and men of all ages
  • Women with breast augmentation, reduction, or mastectomy
  • Works on all skin tones

Product Features:

  • 640-800 nanometer spectrum
  • Red LED Light technology
  • Brightness that intensifies only upon contact
  • Completely harmless with zero side effects
  • FDA Cleared and Approved