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Pink Luminous Breast


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Silk Luminous Breast is a product that will give the users an awareness, peace of mind and confidence while living their lives. It is an innovative, safe and effective way for the women to understand their breast health even at the comfort of their homes. Silk Luminous Breast by Silkpro will give a view of the breast tissue inside in order to see if there, is a presence of abnormality, which may potentially develop into serious breast problem over time.

Silk Luminous Breast by Silkpro can be used by anyone around the world. It is an affordable product that will surely meet the needs of every woman who are looking for quality solution in making themselves have a total awareness of their breasts’ current situation. Silk Luminous Breast is designed and manufactured with highest standard, which is created by one of the world’s most renowned Diode Laser invented by, Dr. Lin Yang. Silk Luminous Breast has no intention to replace mammograms, ultrasounds or anything in between; it simply gives people an extra familiarity to know the situations of their breasts both inside and outside though they were at home.

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